We’ve seen a lot of strange things pulled out of the ice in our time, but this video of an angler pulling some kind of waterfowl out of a fishing hole in Pennsylvania might be one of the strangest. Don’t worry, the anglers were good practitioners of catch and release ethics and quickly released the bird.

The bird appears to be a red-breasted merganser. What’s the weirdest thing you ever pulled out of the ice?


Image is a screenshot of video by Nicolas Colangelo on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Ice Fisherman Pulls Duck Out of Fishing Hole

  1. Not so odd when ice fishing next to open water, which is why this is so rare, you must be half nuts to fish that close to open water without a PFD.

  2. A friend pulled a sock out of the hole one time. It was his that he lost down the hole earlier in the day.

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