The California Department of Fish and Wildlife (DFW) announced on Wednesday that the state has a new record spotted bass, caught in a Yuba County in January. Timothy Little reeled in the massive 10.38-pound spotted bass from New Bullards Bar Reservoir, which is commonly recognized as one of the top fisheries in the country for that species. The angler may not have expected the record-breaking catch, but officials said he was certainly prepared for one.

“Luckily Tim was ready that day for this rare opportunity, as he had a certified scale on his boat and a witness!” the DFW wrote on Facebook. “After reviewing Tim’s record application, DFW confirmed that Little’s fish beat the 14 year old previous record of 10.25lbs taken from Pine Flat Lake (Fresno County) by Brian Shishido in 2001.”

It was a narrow victory, but not unexpected for anglers who are familiar with New Bullards Bar. The reservoir is often listed as one of the top places to catch spotted bass in Northern California and holds a legendary reputation among fishermen.

“Bullards Bar is the best spotted bass fishery in the world,” Gary Dobyns, famed tournament angler and founder of Dobyns Rods, once told California Sportsman.

The DFW advises that since bass are preparing to spawn this time of year, experienced anglers could reel in some big fish if they know where to find them. Alabama spotted bass were first introduced into California in 1974.

Image courtesy California Department of Fish and Wildlife

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5 thoughts on “California Angler Dethrones State Record with 10.38-pound Spotted Bass

  1. Curios how a 10.38 is the state record when a 10.48 caught in California is the world record…..Maybe I’m missing something

  2. Photo is so distorted it doesn’t do a great fish, justice. Come on, how about a real-look photo, please?

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