Visitors to Myakka Pines Golf Club in Englewood, Florida got a surprise last week when an alligator decided to show up on the green. It is not unusual for the club’s members to occasionally spot a gator near the course—the nearby swamps are believed to hold hundreds of the scaly critters—but to see them actually inside the fences? And laying almost right on the number 7 hole, no less.

“We have a lot of alligators around here because there are no houses for miles and it’s just open swamp land,” the club’s general manager Mickie Zada told “Our members know that when they see a good one, to take pictures. And they did.”

The lazy beast strolled straight into the game of two senior members, who graciously stepped aside to document the occasion. Bill Susie, who took the above photo, commented that the gator looked more like dinosaur than anything else.

Internet commentators estimated the reptile’s length at around six to seven feet based on a size comparison with a nearby golf ball, but witness accounts pegged the gator at around 12 feet. What do you think?

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