How far can the anti-gun agenda go before it goes too far? An organization called States United to Prevent Gun Violence recently uploaded a video on YouTube where they claimed to open a fake gun store in the middle of New York City, luring in prospective gun buyers and seemingly discouraging them from purchasing firearms. Calling it a “social experiment,” the video focuses on a gun store “owner” listing off disparaging statistics to would-be patrons, whose reactions were then captured by hidden cameras. Some viewers criticized the video for it’s logic—what if car dealerships told every customer the gruesome details of non-related accidents?

Interestingly enough, the actor who plays the owner of the shop is none other than Ned Luke, who is best known for his role as the unrepentant criminal Michael De Santa in the notoriously violent Grand Theft Auto V.

Additionally, many viewers have criticized the video for displaying poor gun safety—such as the near complete lack of trigger discipline—despite avowing to “debunk safety myths.”

Can you count the number of misleading statements in this video?

Image screenshot of video by States United to Prevent Gun Violence on YouTube

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43 thoughts on “Video: Anti-gun Activists Open Fake “Gun Store” in NYC, Lures New Gun Buyers

  1. Who acquired the FFL licences? Who bought the required business licenses and permits? Did the place meet security codes? Lots of questions.

    1. Since the shop was set up for a commercial only (and more than likely never sold any guns) I’m going to assume that they didn’t go through the normal process.

      1. Not relevant. The laws are very specific in NY. Maybe if they were followed, the good guys wouldn’t get the bad rap.

      2. ALL of those licenses and certificates MUST be displayed in full view for the customers to see.

    1. If that were the case the US would have the lowest crime rate in earth ..sadly the opposite is true . Your second amendment needs an amendment lol

      1. Although you have your opinion I have one also. Imagine how much higher the crime rate would be if we didn’t have guns? Obviously since my 2nd Amendment needs an amendment, maybe the 1st amendment needs one as well?

      2. Your ignorance betrays you, If we remove the places with the tightest gun control (Chicago, and NYC for example) the murder rates in our country drop a quarter. Not only that, but if you look countries WITH gun control have much higher murder rate than we do. Do some research. Stop eating up what the news tells you.

      3. “but if you look countries WITH gun control have much higher murder rate than we do.” – Are you frigging high?! A simple search shows you these statistics:

        Murders in 2011:
        Estonia – 65
        Norway – 111
        Greece – 184
        United Kingdom – 550 (of which 0.7% was gun related)

        United States – 14,612

        I wonder which of these countries have gun control? I think it’s you that needs to do some research my friend…

      4. Or you could relize that guns in the right hands could save a life, it has nothing to do with the guns, it has to do with who has them,and even if they use “gun control” the only people it will stop are the ones who follow the laws and the ones who don’t follow the law will take advantage of the situation and then we’ll have more crime, you can’t blame it on the guns, only the people

      5. And also guns that were used in crimes cannot be released back out, they either are locked up forever or destroyed, the can’t let a gun that was used to kill someone unlawfully to be released ball into the public for use so every gun they had there was not the guns used in those places as the man in the video said

      6. Norway where Muslim street gangs go about freely raping and terrorizing blonde Norwegian women to the point where many of them are dying their hair black so they don’t stand out. Sorry but I’d rather have the guns. The UK is even worse. Muslim no go zones and people being terrorized that have owned businesses for many generations being raped, robbed and forced out of their neighborhoods. Sorry but once again I’ll take the guns. You anti gun groups make me laugh.

      7. The United States is NUMBER ONE in gun ownership but 111th in murder rate per 100,000 people. That is 111th out of 218 nations.

      8. If you take the population of America (319 million) then divide it by the population of Estonia (1.325 million) it’s around 240.75 so if you multiply 65 times 240.75 you get 15,648.75 so that means if Estonia had the population of the US it would be past us by a good thousand people …. Please tell me your argument

      9. Now look at those same figures PER hundred people. .. you will see you have just proven your statement incorrect

  2. These people are like radical jihadists. To them it’s good to lie and deceive in the name of their “religion”. Especially since the opposition are such worthless devils…… There is nothing legitimate to their argument so they will lie, cheat, and steal to effect cultural attitude. There is no end to their haranguing.

  3. What a joke the people that came in were part of It, that was completely wrong what about all the guns that have saved lives. That was a complete joke.

  4. This video actually angered me. There are people that believe Sandy Hook never happened. but just for a moment let’s go with the story that was actually broadcast. If I’m not mistaken in the video it appeared that the person showed an AR 15 and said it was used in Sandy Hook. no such weapon was used in Sandy Hook. they claim that an ar-15 was found in the assailants trunk and never used.

      1. Yes the shooter at Sandy hook never used the AR15 it was found in the trunk of the car with all the ammo still accounted for. He used pistols only.

      2. Also the gun in the trunk didn’t have the actual gun owner’s, or the shooter’s DNA on it.. It did however have the principles.

  5. Just bring your kids up right. Show them first hand how dangerous guns are. Guns don’t kill ppl the ppl do. Just like we should take cars away from everyone cause cars kill ppl, no, ppl behind the wheel kill ppl cause they are not paying attention or are impaired do be driving. Dumb ass video

  6. Are all of those people now locked up for a year minimum because they touched a hand gun without the proper target / business permit?

  7. If it was a fake gun shop, then maybe the guns were fake too? There’s also a very good chance that the “customers” were all actors .These anti-gun jerks will do anything to spread their un-American propaganda.

  8. It is truly amazing! Everyone who walked in walked out…. with so many guns killing people, statistically they should of all been shot. I dont understand how all those killer guns were able to resist shooting people. Wtf

  9. Tell them all the people that were killed because they didn’t have protection !!! I bet these people feel foolish after going into this place !!! Tell them to get their permits first in NYC !!!

  10. It was probably paid for by the government so they could slowly disarm the citezens. So that in their quest for more power and money taking over wont be as bad with fuer people able to deffend them selvs during a revolte. Slowly truning into a comunist country.

  11. This is pure bullshit. Every gun was not the gun that shot a person. Those who are so stupid as to think that this dipshit knew what he was talking about and was actually a store to sell are dumb enough they do not need a gun. I was kidnapped at age 16. The guy killed 2 people after me,one of which weas his brother. My SSister gave me shit about guns til she was taken ,tazed,and raped for a week but when the POS went to get a gun to kill her she got away. Now you idiots who think this is right and not a action of a group of depraved lunatics deserve to go thru the “Fun” we did. My guns have not killed anyone in 35 yrs.

  12. Guess they can’t stand the heat. First they said they don’t ban anyone on their FB page but now hundreds of posts are deleted and they now seem to ban anyone that doesn’t toe their party line.

  13. And nobody asked where the section of weapons was that contained the thousands of guns which save the lives of many citizens each year? How very irresponsible of those potential customers and these anti-gun clowns.SMH

  14. This is b.s. pure libtard propaganda to scare people into giving up there rights. Considering the crime rate in New York and Chicago even though its “illegal” according to some (tyrants) to own a firearm is higher then anywhere else. Gun Violence is at its highest in places like NYC because the honest folk cant own a firearm. So the bad guy always wins……This is garbage and those of you who believe this has a good message are as idiotic as the idea that disarming America is the right path to Freedom. This video makes me sick.

  15. They should have shown all the guns that took out armed criminals during home invasions where ultimately the home owners would have been raped or killed.

  16. I thought it was illegal to own a gun in NYC? If that is the case why would you a gun store in NYC in the first place?

  17. Where are all the knives that have killed people? Is there a parking lot in the back where they have cars that have been used to kill people. Wait, where is the display case with the cut off hands of those that have strangled people? Please this is one of the most ignorant piece I have ever watched.

  18. Look everyone has there own right to opinions and what they believe is right and wrong….. Now with that being said yes we do need to teach out kids how dangerous guns are just like we need to teach them house dangerous it is to drive how dangerous it is to smoke how dangerous it is to fly heck even how dangerous it is to simply drink a soda… Now with all that comes to proper training and control if those are tought then it prevents mistakes and bad judgements. In all these cases gun control was in fact not in play so there for these people should have not been able to own these guns… Now with the purchasing and carrying a fire arm I do believe our country is alittle to lenient on this we need to set stricter guidelines on buying and carrying of fire arms yes I carry and it was very easy to get my license and that being part of why I believe this but end the end guns don’t kill the people with the access do planes don’t kill people who fly them or maintain them do……….So let’s educate teach people control..

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