On Friday Glock officially announced the release of the new Glock single stack 9mm handgun, the Glock 43. Earlier in the week, several gun reviewers who visited the Glock headquarters in Smyrna, Georgia first broke the silence around the highly anticipated handgun, which the company described as the “most highly desired and anticipated pistol release in GLOCK’s history.” Glock fans have been calling for a single stack handgun for years, and last year the Austrian gun maker teased its customer base with the similar Glock 42 in .380 ACP. The wait is now over.

“The G43 is the most exciting product release to date because it addresses a variety of issues that many shooters face with pistols in the concealed carry category,” stated GLOCK, Inc., VP Josh Dorsey in a press release. “It will be the pistol of choice for law enforcement and civilians. The G43 sets a new standard for concealed carry pistols.”

Designed for concealed carry use, the Glock 43’s frame width measures just over one inch, with a 0.87-inch slide width. The pistol’s overall length is a mere 6.26 inches and the entire gun is built to weigh less than 18 ounces. Like the Glock 42, the company’s new single stack 9mm will also have a capacity of 6+1 rounds.

“When it comes to size and comfort, the all new G43 provides the best of both worlds,” the company stated. “Typically, with handguns of this dimension, the design of the pistol does a poor job of resolving issues concerning felt recoil. This can cause discomfort for shooters who are not familiar with shooting smaller framed pistols. Seasoned shooters are familiar with this and adjust their grip, but have to work harder to keep the pistol on target for follow-up shots. The design of the new G43 allow for a more comfortable and confident shooting experience for all types of users.”

You can see the Glock 43 being fired by Glock national sales manager Bob Radecki below:

Famed shooting instructor Massad Ayoob offers his preliminary thoughts:

Glock is set to debut the new handgun at the NRA Annual Meeting in April. Shipments of the product will begin directly following the convention, although the company has not yet officially listed a price for the new single stack pistol.

You can see the first commercial for the Glock 43 here.

Image courtesy Glock.

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