Former wrestler Shawn Michaels and the crew of MacMillan River Adventures (MRA) dedicated an entire episode to legendary hunter and musician Ted Nugent. Shawn and the rest of the MRA crew went behind the scenes to get the full story on one of the men who helped molded the landscape of modern hunting, conducting interviews with his wife Shemane, bandmates, and the man himself.

Watch the full episode below:

Image from nightshooter on the Wikimedia Commons

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13 thoughts on “Video: A Tribute to Ted Nugent by Shawn Michaels

    1. With what the left has done to our country over the past 6 years, I’m suprised you left underhanded entitled ……have the nerve to criticize anyone. An apology is more in order.

      1. @ ted.

        Just exactly what has the “left” done to this country, Sir. The GOP Republican’s control both the House and the Senate. And the Infrastructure of this country is in “Shambles”, thank the GOP Congress for that…

  1. Yeah, let’s pay tribute to the guy with quite a few hunting law violations on his record. The appeal of this bozo astounds me.

    1. Ted knows about the
      Hunting Laws and Regulations. He was fined $1,750 after pleading no contest to
      illegally baiting deer and for failing to have a deer tag countersigned in
      El Dorado County, California. Nugent also illegally killed an immature
      buck, but those charges were dropped during legal negotiations. Nugent
      filmed his illegal actions and broadcast them as part of his
      “Spirit of the Wild” TV show on the Outdoor Channel. Ted Nugent
      once again plead guilty to illegal hunting. This time, he illegally killed
      a black bear in southern Alaska

    1. Well you may be ok that he has raped 13 year old girls, but I guess as long as he says what he wants, you have no problem?

    2. @ David.

      Their are a Lot of Right-Wingnuts, myself included that don’t think Very Highly of Ted Nugent either. He’s an Embarrassment to the Cause…

  2. Could someone please explain just when conservatives started holding racist, draft dodging, self proclaimed pedophiles with fake hunting shows in such high regard?

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