Video: Man Wrestling Wild Hog Gets Flipped on His Back


Tusks or no tusks, wild pigs can be dangerous animals. Hunting them can be riskier than many sportsmen bargain for, and trying to wrestle one can be downright foolhardy. This trapper in East Texas found himself a bit out of his element as he tried to wrangle a large sow into a cage. Notice how the pig repeatedly went after his legs. Both male and female hogs use tusks for defense, and if this one had a set, no doubt it would have tried to gore the man.

Thankfully, though, the trapper survived the event with little more than possibly a few bruises, and the indignity of being flipped onto his back by a sow. There are probably better ways to coax the pig into a cage, but you can’t fault this man for being a little adventurous.

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