Magpul Recognizes Issues with New Glock PMAGs, Offers to Replace Them for Free


Magpul has a reputation for producing high-quality polymer firearms accessories. With that being said, new products often have bugs and Magpul announced the their new Glock PMAGs were having failure to feed issues. Luckily for consumers, Magpul also has a reputation for great customer service, and they are offering to replace the affected magazines for free. In fact, if you bought them direct from Magpul, Brownells, or Midway they will mail you a working replacement without any action on the part of the purchaser. Read through their announcement below.

OK we screwed up. After initial release of the Glock PMAG 17 GL9 a few days ago we started seeing random issues of…

Posted by Magpul Industries Corp. on Thursday, April 16, 2015

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