Video: This Folding 12 Gauge Pocket Shotgun Will Blow Your Mind


The Burgess Folding Shotgun is probably not a gun that many people have heard of. This rare and unique shotgun has the ability to be carried fully loaded and folded in a waist holster. Ian from Forgotten Weapons draws a Burgess from such a holster in the gif below, showing exactly what the firearm is capable of.

In Action

Another unique feature of this firearm is location of the pump action, which can be found on the grip rather than under the barrel like most modern pump action shotguns. Unfortunately, this unique design was short-lived.

According to Ian, “Burgess was bought out and shut down by Winchester to reduce competition with their 1893/1897 pump action shotgun. As a result not many were made, and very very few of the folding models.”

The Burgess saw limited use as a police and prison guard weapon before the Burgess company was purchased and dismantled by Winchester, as the Burgess shotgun was a direct competitor to Winchesters far more popular 1893 and 1897 shotguns.

Watch the video below to learn more about this unique scattergun. This particular piece was sold by Rock Island Auction company at their Premiere Firearms Auction, held over the past weekend. The selling price has not been listed yet.

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