Video: Spearfisherman’s Fake Tail Fin Draws in Dolphin Pod


Looking much like a whale or dolphin tail, the DOL-fin monofin is designed for underwater speed demons and divers. It is an odd choice for spearfishermen, especially since it seems to come with a rather unique feature: it attracts dolphins.

Dolphins are highly inquisitive creatures and it doesn’t take much to capture their interest, but when this spearfisherman decided to hit the water with the strange fin on, the animals went wild.

“One of these dolphins saw that crazy, crazy fin and he immediately set out chatter to the other guys,” said the commentator on the video. “Man when they see him it was just a freaking beehive, they go crazy!”

That’s actually pretty neat, but we’re not sure if they want dolphins around when they get around to harvesting fish. Dolphins have a reputation for being friendly, but the price of their friendship may come with a lighter haul at the end of the day.

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