Video: Verne Troyer Meets a Gun Bigger Than He Is


At barely 2 feet and 8 inches, Verne Troyer—of Austin Powers fame—is one of the shortest men in the world. That does not however, keep him from being a talented actor and stunt performer. While out on the range with Richard Ryan, Troyer meets a gun bigger than he is—a .50 BMG Barrett rifle, which is usually anywhere from about 4 to 5 feet. To illustrate the difference, .50 BMG round is about the size of Troyer’s forearm.

“It’s huge!” Troyer remarked.

Unfortunately, he never got the chance to shoot the rifle, but Troyer does get some hands-on firearms training courtesy of Ryan, some watermelons, and an Apple watch.

Watch Troyer take on an Apple watch below.

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