Video: This Bear Walking on Its Hind Legs is Incredibly Disturbing


Asiatic black bears differ from their American counterparts in many ways, but one interesting fact is that these bears are also shaped so they can walk for long periods of time on just two legs. This is because although they have relatively small paws, Asian black bears have larger heel pads than other bear species and can walk upright for up to a quarter mile.

Of course, they won’t be exactly sprinting. Bears are still much faster on two legs, and the slow awkward gait of the bear in the video below is somewhat off-putting. Perhaps this is where all the Bigfoot rumors came from?

According to Eliza Jinata, the wildlife vet who uploaded the video, this bear started walking upright while staying with an animal rehabilitation center. Since visitors would often feed the animals food, it was to the bear’s advantage to stand up and receive food directly.

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