In what could only be described as an act of immense carelessness, a Florida teenager apparently attempted to “ride” a whale shark off the coast of Destin.

You can clearly see the young man, identified as Cody Garland, holding on to some part of the massive fish. At one point, he says that he’s standing on top of it.

While the filter-feeder likely posed no physical threat to Garland, whale sharks are considered a vulnerable species by the IUCN. Harassing them like this probably doesn’t help.

What do you think? Are the people who are upset about this making a mountain out of a mole hill, or should this type of behavior be loudly discouraged?

Image is a screenshot of video by Newsflare

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3 thoughts on “Video: Florida Teenager “Rides” Whale Shark

  1. I think it should be encouraged, and when someone finally gets whacked with its tail. We can all sit around and waste a few seconds watching some moron on Facebook enjoying his last few seconds on this fine planet of ours….then we can carry about living our lives with one less dumb ass.

  2. “immense carelessness”… are you “telling us what to think”… then asking our opinion?
    next thing you know you will be nudging for a new law….
    it’s not bothering the shark, not bothering you unless you are an emotional hand wringer… big deal. A once in a lifetime event for this guy. Had he been a Nat Geo twit… this would not have even been posted….

  3. I don’t view his act as any more immensely careless than that of a trainer getting in a tank with a captive orca. If you don’t like the touching of these animals why not start there, where these animals are held captive against their will? This particular animal may have enjoyed that brief bonding of species – at least it had the freedom to make the decision that once it had finished with the encounter it could leave of its own accord. No harm no foul, I say. Oceanographers and the like swim and play with the sea’s wildlife constantly, how can we be expected to view this as any different?

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