Earlier this month the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms and Explosives (ATF) filed a request to keep some of the seized gun parts it took from Connecticut gun manufacturer Stag Arms last year.

According to the Hartford Business Journal, court documents revealed that federal agents seized more than 3,000 lower receivers without serial numbers, which the ATF says is a violation of the National Firearms Act (NFA). Under the NFA, firearm manufacturers are legally obligated to stamp firearms—or certain firearm parts—with a serial number within days of its manufacture. Federal agents first discovered the unmarked receivers during a routine inspection last August and returned in October to seize the parts as well as computer documents.

According to the Hartford Courant, Stag Arms owner Mark Malkowski explained to the ATF that the receivers were unmarked because the employee who engraves the serial numbers was on vacation. Additionally, Stag Arms claimed that some of the blank lower receivers were being stored as replacements for broken parts. These explanations did little to sway US Attorney Dierdre M. Daly, who wrote that both reasons would still leave the manufacturer in violation of federal law.

The ATF investigation into Stag Arms is still ongoing, but the agency has not indicated any evidence of illegal gun sales or criminal wrongdoing. The firearm manufacturer also recently released a statement that clarified the issue as one of timing and recordkeeping.

“Stag Arms, LLC is working closely with the government regarding this issue. Although the allegations relate primarily to timing and recordkeeping, and Stag believes public safety was never compromised, the company takes its obligation to comply with all laws very seriously,” the company said in a statement. “Stag has made comprehensive changes to ensure that similar problems cannot happen again and that best compliance practices are maintained in all of its operations.”

Stag Arms was founded in 2003 and is perhaps best known for its production of left-handed AR-15 rifles. The company is also known for being very vocal in both the state and national gun debate, even once closing down factory operation so employees could protest gun control laws at the state capitol building.

You can see see a brief tour of the Stag Arms factory in the video below:

Image screenshot of video by StagArmsFactory on YouTube

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14 thoughts on “ATF Seizes 3,000 Receivers from AR-15 Manufacturer Stag Arms

  1. Bad old commie CT. CT. is a nice state; it’s the commie liberal politicians that have ruined it. With high taxes,commie gun restrictions and it’s no place for retirees. I’m doing my time and moving.

    1. Using commie and liberal in the same sentence doesn’t make sense. Using conservative and commie would make more sense since conservative and commie stand for little change or progress in life. Plus why retire in the cold when you know all the old folks move down to Florida? SNOW BIRDS

      1. It does make sense, since extreme liberalism is communism, just like fascism is extreme conservatism.

      2. Doesn’t really matter what party you pick. They both screw everyone and don’t represent anyone but themselves.

      3. WTF? Communists invoke radical change and suppress traditional values in favor of their utopian fanatasy schemes.

        The NAZIS were SOCIALISTS with National Healthcare, Labor Programs, Gun Control, Government Funded transportation and government interference and control of private corporations.

        You know, kind of like US Liberal Democrats today.

      4. You don’t have to look further. Take a look at liberal Bernie Sanders. He’s a socialist pseudo-Communist.

  2. They should file an injunction to demand they are destroyed! The last thing they want is our government with 3000 serial-less lowers……….who knows where those might end up and who might be killed with them!

    1. That’s why ATF took the lowers themselves. If Stag can’t serialize them who says they can maintain their inventory in tact so some don’t slip out while “employees are on vacation” and end up on the streets.

      1. PackinUSMC that logic might make sense if it weren’t completely legal for anyone without an FFL to build a serial-less lower. I’m not advocating that they make that illegal, but in the current environment, it’s kind of pointless to be strict about enforcing something like this on a licensed manufacturer.

      2. That’s CT. for you, making a big deal out of nothing. Another dog and pony enforcement action. To show the citizens that they have everything under control.

      3. The ATF is more likely to put them “on the streets” of southern Texas than any Stag Arms employees and that’s a proven fact.

        Heck this regime would give them to the FSA in Syria which is basically the secular middle men for ISIS..

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