Video: Newborn Moose Falls Flat on Its Face


Residents of Anchorage, Alaska aren’t sure exactly why a female moose decided to give birth near a local fire station, but it’s probably a great place to hide from grizzly bears. Cordoned off with barricade tape, the cow moose’s new calves are spending their first few hours of life learning how to walk.

Most people assume that moose are born ready to run, but nothing is further from the truth. In fact the calves spent a few hours wobbling and stumbling on their skinny legs, and even fell on their face a few times. They were eventually led back to the woods by their mother, finally freeing motorists on nearby roads from distraction.

An average moose calf will weigh about 30 pounds at birth and it will about half a day before it can walk regularly. As for more agile movement, it will be a few days before a calf can run and about two weeks before it can swim.

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