Video: Orca Gnaws on New Zealand Man’s Paddle Board


A stand-up paddleboarder near Whitianga, New Zealand got a fright on Monday when he was followed by an orca for about five minutes, and at one point it even took a bite at his board. According to 3 News, Luke Reilly heard that there might be killer whales in the area and brought his GoPro camera just in case. He was not disappointed.

“I grabbed it thinking something might happen. I didn’t think I’d get anything,” he said. “Then this one bee-lined it for me. He popped up about 10cm away from the back of my board. I was a bit nervous thinking, ‘what’s this guy going to do?'”

What it did do was take a nibble out of Reilly’s board, much to his distress. The orca did not stay long after that and instead decided to swim off in the pursuit of things that didn’t taste like foam and epoxy resin.

Luke Reilly was stand-up paddle boarding about 200m offshore yesterday when an orca “popped up” next to him.The killer whale checked him out for about 5 minutes and even had a nibble on his board.Watch the full clip:

Posted by 3 News on Monday, May 18, 2015

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