A Georgia man who walked into Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport along with his family and a loaded AR-15 rifle is now claiming that he was harassed by the airport police.

While the man was likely fully within his rights to carry the firearm in the airport, the officer did address concerns that he was frightening other passengers waiting in the ticketing area. Let us know what you think about this incident in the comments.


Here is his self-filmed video of the incident.

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10 thoughts on “Video: Man “Harassed” by Police for Open Carrying in Georgia Airport

  1. Ok, so this article claims that his rifle was “loaded”. This would mean Mr. Cooley had a chambered round, which is not allowed if a person is open-carrying a rifle. I’m not sure how this could have even been confirmed by the author. If the author’s use of the term “loaded” was meant to indictate that there was a magazine attached to the rifle, the author used the term “loaded” incorrectly.

    1. You need to reread the law on self defense as it relates to open and conceal carry. This depends on the state you are licensed in. In my state, loaded means magazine in. With or without it being chambered. As a citizen that conceal carries it is good to understand the law of the state you make blanket statements.

      1. Ok, smarty pants. To carry a long gun in the state of Georgia, you do not have to have a license to carry as long as you are not prohibited from owning a firearm. To carry a handgun openly or concealed in the state of Georgia (other than on your property or inside your home, car, or your place of business), you must have a Georgia Weapons Carry License (or the older Georgia Firearm License) issued under code 16-11-129.

        Georgia’s definition of “loaded” is simply this “A handgun is considered loaded if there is a cartridge in the chamber or cylinder of the handgun.” There is no mention of what is considered “loaded” for long guns. And since this incident took place in GA, my original comment applies and is completely valid.

        Now, here in CA, where I live, “loaded” is having a loaded magazine in the mag well of any semi-auto firearm.

  2. While I understand and support an individual right to carry any weapon legally. We who choose to do so should still use a little common sense. I personally don’t feel the need at this point in time that my safety has become so threatened that I need to openly carry my semi-auto loading rifle. I prefer to carry concealed if you open carry and a nut-job with an agenda decides to open up I feel I stand a better chance if he doesn’t know I am armed. IMHO

  3. Just because it is legal does not mean that it is a good idea do it.
    Case in point, It is often legal to burn the American flag in public.
    I think that it is quite obvious that this fruit pie was trying to cause a reason for a legal action and then profit from it. A despicable act similar to insurance fraud, or internet scamming.
    His behavior can only hurt gun owners.

  4. The guy’s an idiot. Just because you can do something doesn’t mean you should. He just proves that being correct and being stupid are not mutually exclusive.

  5. While I support the second amendment, I don’t believe when Georgia legislators amended the open carry law for long guns that they could for see someone doing it at an airport. I know this fella is obeying the law, but anyone carrying rifle in an airport would make me uneasy and I’m a gun owner who has had a conceal carry license for over twenty years. While I support his right to open carry. I just think in this instance is was unwise.

    1. I concur with Mr. Walker, guys like this well intentioned but completely misguided individual are going to set us back and give anti gun proponents more fodder for their agenda. Furthermore, as described earlier in this post, a bad guy is going to zero in on someone open carrying first. This type of behavior can only hurt us. As a gun owner I will attempt to talk to these halfwits.

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