How surprised would you be if you saw a four-foot black snake descend slowly from the ceiling just to land on a basket of eggs on your kitchen counter? Well, if you hadn’t gone running for your gun or started screaming hysterically, you might have done exactly what these homeowners did: take video of it.

According to the Washington Post, Laura and Robert Neff of Charlotte, North Carolina discovered this massive snake curled up around their spice cabinet. It would have almost passed for sneaky, if it was not for the fact that it latched onto the egg for minutes before eventually being “convinced” to leave with a few brooms.

“It was very graceful, actually,” she said. “We knew immediately that it was non-venomous and a ‘safe’ snake, so we weren’t concerned for our well being physically,” Laura Neff said, “which helped a great deal in being able to watch it, be in a bit of awe and curiosity.”

The couple identified the creature as a black rat snake, which is not considered dangerous.

Gif from screenshot of video by Laura Neff on YouTube

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