Is this the largest reactive target ever? According to SEG Suppressors, the destruction of this—still mostly functional—RV just might be the biggest Tannerite explosion on the internet. In fact, they expected the explosion to be so big, SEG actually contacted local law enforcement beforehand to warn them about the possible noise.

“We thought putting it inside a RV would be a much greater show of how massive the tannerite explosive blast really is instead of just exploding it by itself,” SEG wrote on YouTube. “The results were of Hollywood proportion. This is a NEW Youtube Record for largest tannerite explosion!! The most tannerite ever used!”

At 400 pounds of the explosive, that claim is completely believable. Tannerite retails for roughly $10 a pound, so it took about $4,000—and a vintage RV—to make this video. Was the result worth it? Check it out for yourself.

Image screenshot of video by Stealth Engineering Group/SEG Suppressors on YouTube

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9 thoughts on “Video: 400 Pounds of Tannerite vs RV

  1. You would think before creating a video like as a PR stunt you may want to have your facts right. THAT IS NOT TANNERITE®!!! Tannerite is a company. Tannerite BRAND targets do not start fires. That is why you should only shoot the real thing.

  2. We ( my family ) use Tanite to blow stuff all the time. Love it. Tho we got up to four lbs. so would love to be the one to blow up such a wow memory. Well ok my family too but dang that would be such a rush. Thank you for such an explosion. Way awesome

    1. Terrorists don’t need these videos to figure out how to make bombs. There is more than enough information on the internet on how to make much more efficient weapons.

  3. Sinbad1, I was just going to post your exact same comment!!! Hey outdoorhub and Daniel Xu, you keep posting this crap and it WILL be banned! I can see senators using your very videos on the senate floor to ban this stuff!!!! Morons, use your heads about what and how you’re reporting. You’re only aiding in the dismantling of the 2nd amendment and other freedoms.

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