A woman near Pittsboro, Indiana did a double take when she looked inside a recently-caught bass and found a duckling.

“I guess baby duck was on the menu for this bass that Andrew caught tonight. I’m a little disturbed,” Carrie Fortner wrote on Facebook.

Now many anglers already know that bass—and many other fish—will snack on the occasional baby duck, but it is entirely different to see it firsthand.

“I just thought it was a unique moment and I had to share it. BTW, the fish is alive and well. He was released back in to the pond in which he lives,” Fortner wrote in an update. “The baby duck was not so lucky. He was a goner long before the fish was caught. I feel for the poor little guy but that’s how nature rolls. Thanks for your fascination with wildlife everyone! Fish on!”‘

If the anglers kept the fish and cooked it, would that make it a bassducken?

Images from Facebook

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