It’s two in the morning and you’re fast asleep on the couch. That’s when you hear growling on the very edge of your consciousness, perhaps the scrape of long claws against wood. Suddenly, the door cracks open and you jolt awake, staring at two eyes in the darkness.

And then you keep staring, because the black bear looking back at you can’t figure out whether it wants to come in or flee.

This scary—yet oddly humorous—scenario played out in Glendora, California when a homeowner woke up to find a bear trying, rather awkwardly, to enter his home. The bear looks a bit surprised to see that the home was occupied, and dithers in the doorway until the man runs it off. Black bears have a reputation for being easily scared off, so we imagine that it was probably more terrified than the homeowner in this encounter.

Image screenshot of video by Villhelm on YouTube

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