Why is everything out to steal your fish?

When you’re fishing in predator infested waters, that’s just part of the game. This young angler frantically tries to reel in a tarpon while an alligator homes in for the kill. Unfortunately for the angler, the alligator almost casually swallows up the tarpon after a few seconds of sniffing around.

At one point the predator was referred to as a crocodile, and while Florida does have a small population of American crocodiles, it is unlikely to have been the culprit. Despite the low quality of the video, you can make out the rounded snout that is so characteristic of a Florida gator. However, alligators can only tolerate saltwater for short periods of time before they have to retreat back to less brackish waters. The video was reportedly taken near Naples, Florida.

Image from Ianaré Sévi on the Wikimedia Commons

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