Don’t have a lighter, but have a round of 5.56mm in your pocket? Your’re in luck because that’s all you need to start a fire—and it doesn’t involve shooting that round!

As the video demonstrates, you can start a fire or light a firework with a single unfired round of centerfire ammunition. First, pull the bullet and dump the powder out. Then strike the primer on a hard surface and the residual powder and primer are enough to light whatever flammable materiel is in the cartridge neck.

This trick could come in handy in a survival situation, or if you just want to show off your fire-starting skills. As always, practice caution when handling live rounds because there might be more powder than you expect left in the case.

Image screenshot of video by Grey Team on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: How to Light a Fire with One Round of Ammo

  1. I made this video and it is a trolling video do not try this I have not attempted this with a live primer and would not recommend it! I was made as a joke just believable enough to fool people which is has!

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