Talk about disappointment. This black bear in North Brookfield, Massachusetts probably thought it hit the jackpot when it managed to surprise a buck in someone’s backyard. Instead of hauling off a week’s supply of venison, though, it merely got a mouthful of self-healing foam instead. The photos were taken by ERA Key Realty Services agent Darlene Eager during a listing appointment last Saturday.


Alternatively, the bear was just curious and decided to dismantle the deer target for fun. At least a few hunters have reported bears chomping down on their deer decoys or targets, and the bears seem to be doing it mainly out of fascination. After all, if you get lured in by the prospect of a tasty deer just to find out it’s some kind of artificial entity (that for all you know, may still be edible), you’d be curious, too.


If you live in bear territory, this is one good reason to think about bringing in your deer-shaped targets, or at least covering them up. At least in this case it wasn’t a real deer, or this could have happened.

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