This is a true battle of titans. In one corner, you have the world’s second-largest land mammal, the intimidating white rhino, which looks like it was practically built for battle. In the other corner, you have the African Cape buffalo, an animal that is notorious for its aggression and is widely regarded as one of the most dangerous animals on its home continent—the same continent filled with lions and crocodiles.

We know what most of you are thinking, that the rhino has this in the bag right? Unlike the rhino, the buffalo brought its friends.

“This footage has never been caught on camera before, and all I had was a Sony handheld to capture this moment,” wrote the tourist who recorded the footage. “We were on an African Safari when this all went down, and the rangers were shocked to see what was happening.”

Spoiler alert: video title kind of gives it away. The video contains content that may be considered graphic by some viewers.

Even the help—if you can call it that—from the other buffalo could not save the one under attack. The maimed buffalo eventually succumbed to the wounds it sustained during the fight.

Image screenshot of video by Grant Griffiths on YouTube

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