A person from Rockaway Township, New Jersey uploaded a video of a family of bears making quite the splash in their backyard.

In the video you can see a mother bear and her five cubs enjoying an out-of-ground pool and other fun items. One of the bear cubs was even adventurous enough to try out the pool’s slide, while another one played with the swing set.

At one point you can hear a little girl say “I wish the bears were in someone else’s yard.” We empathize, but appreciate the video nonetheless.


Image is a screenshot of video by Treflex on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Family of Bears Takes Over New Jersey Backyard Pool

  1. What can be a funny and memorable experience, the father (who sounds like Jerry Lewis) is complaining about holes being poked in the bottom and the kid is complaining just like her parents about her possessions being ruined. I’d laugh my butt off if this happened to me, it’d be a good story to tell. BEARS!

  2. Funny today, tragedy tomorrow. These bears are now candidates to be euthanized. As they get older and continue to try and make suburbia their “home range”, the increased encounters with people, will bring it to a head that nearly always ends badly for the bear. They will need a lot more food than the burbs can provide, so they will be in garbage cans, backyards, bird feeders, etc. Their fear of people has already been disrupted because there is no repercussion for their choices. It’s not like they rationalized this experience, and realize they guests at this pool. They don’t understand they are in a people’s domain. The pecking order will get them dead, or perhaps a person and then them. Too bad relocation doesn’t work.

  3. I agree Caleb, mom is the only one who had a little sense. What an awesome experience, think momma bear decided she needed a spa day with those kids lol.

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