Video: Coyote Tackles Hunter Head-on


As a coyote hunter, one of the last things you’d expect is for one of the wily predators to barrel straight into you. Yet that is exactly what happened to Rob Reynold with Mojo TV. According to the hunters, this well-fed coyote interrupted the hunt when it attacked a decoy and kept right on running, even as the hunters took their first shot. To be fair, it appeared that tackling Reynold was the right play—it surprised the hunters, who were doubling up laughing.

Reynold later said he could’ve held onto the coyote instead of letting it go, but that does not sound like an advisable thing to do. Coyotes have sharp teeth and will not hesitate to defend themselves, so the hunter probably did the safe thing in just letting the ‘yote run off. In any event, Mojo TV stated that the same coyote later came back and they were able to bag it. It probably wanted another shot at the decoy.

This might be one case of a coyote being too curious for its own good.

Watch coyote jump in hunter’s lap.

Posted by Mojo TV on Tuesday, August 25, 2015

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