Either something has gone horribly wrong here, or this spearfisherman ran into the world’s only projectile-proof fish. Atlantic spadefish are strong fighters and tougher than they look, but they aren’t exactly covered in armor plating. Yet this fish took a shot from a speargun point-blank and merely shrugged it off.

We’re not really sure what happened, but the it looked as if the spear simply lacked the power to penetrate this the fish. That could either be due to faulty equipment, or just improper loading and maintenance.

The spear probably didn’t make a boink noise when it hit the fish, but it may as well have. What do you think happened here?

Image screenshot of video by Texas Fishing with Dan the Man on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: This is One Epic Spearfishing Fail

  1. ANSWER: Tiny single-rubber toy of a speargun, that wasn’t within 2 ft. kill range, and one tough little fishy!
    SOLUTION: let your dive buddy with the 2 rubber, bigger gun make that same shot, and I bet the results would have been more to your liking!

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