Video: Young Archer Finds Another Place to Store Her Arrows


Is it a fashion statement, or is it a practical way to store your arrows? As long as you have no broadheads to snag on anything, this is actually a pretty good excuse to leave the quiver at home. A young athlete from Stavanger Bueskyttere, a Norwegian archery team, decided to use her practice arrows as makeshift hairpins while training.

As practical as it may be for stand-and-shoot archery, we’ll have to admit that this hairdo probably isn’t ideal for staying mobile. One strong gust of wind and you may find yourself flying backwards like an unwieldy umbrella.

On the bright side, it may start a new trend.

Archerytip#1Glemt pilkoggeret? Katrine gir deg tips! #Archerytip

Posted by Stavanger Bueskyttere on Friday, August 28, 2015

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