We’ve seen a lot of bears in a lot of different colors, but we’ve never seen a blue-headed black bear before. What makes it more interesting is just how vibrant the blue is, almost like a dye pack exploded in the bear’s face after a bungled bank robbery. According to Vancitybuzz.com, this video was taken by Aaron Smith on Tuesday night near Silvermore Lake in British Columbia. When he sent the video to wildlife officials, they were just as confused as he was.

One thing they were sure of is that the blue color was not natural. In fact, the dye pack theory isn’t too far off from what experts believe happened.

“Biologists took a look at the photo, and they think the most likely scenario is the bear bit into a can of spray paint and got sprayed. Bears will often chew on containers they find,” said Greig Beithel, spokesperson for the Ministry of Forests, Lands and Natural Resource Operations.

Officials say the bear should be fine and the color will wear off eventually. No plans are being made to find or capture the bear for a cleaning.

Image screenshot of video by BlueBear on YouTube

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One thought on “Video: Blue-headed Black Bear Spotted in Canada

  1. Sasha’s beauty is startling. Such long lined musculature unlike any other animal. I once saw a man who toured with a mountain lion complete the following stunt. In an indoor gym he threw a basketball to the top of the roof. The ball bounced one time close to height of the rim and the ml grabbed it on the first bounce landing with all paws on top of the ball. The air “whooshed” out of the ball. I was astonished as I had never seeing anything like it before. I raise companion dogs so I know that an animal can provide you with all the things your video accented. Thanks so much for your talent. I’ve never seen a mountain lion in the free range but someday I hope to.

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