If we were to tell you a month ago that President Barrack Obama would be roughing it in the Alaskan wilderness and sharing a half-eaten salmon with survival expert Bear Grylls, you’d think we’d gone crazy. Yet that is precisely what seems to have happened.

The commander-in-chief took time out of his landmark visit to Alaska last week—the first by any sitting US president—to sample some salmon as part of NBC’s Running Wild with Bear Grylls. The fish had apparently been partially eaten by a wild bear, likely a grizzly, and Obama certainly didn’t seem eager to try it. At least, not at first.

“So I think the president looked a little surprised when I pulled out this bloody carcass of half-eaten salmon,” Grylls commented.

“The fact that he told me this was a leftover fish from a bear, I don’t know if that was necessary. He could’ve just left that out,” Obama said afterwards, perhaps jokingly.

The president also poked fun at his guide’s cooking skills, but to be fair to Grylls, there is only so much you can do when your cooking utensils involve a rock and fire.

But how did it taste? Watch the video below to find out.


Image screenshot of video by Running Wild with Bear Grylls on YouTube

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  • J3cub

    Gee, why didn’t Bear Gryllis have Obama just take a salmon away from a Grizzly bear! Now that would be video I would have enjoyed watching!

  • Charlie

    It wasn’t partially eaten by a bear. BS. There absolutely no way the president would be allowed to risk eating some fish that was left by a bear. Just the risk of food borne illness would be enough to disallow. If it was truly a leftover fish from a bear, they had no idea how old it was. No one who didn’t need to would risk it either. Just like everything else the clown does, it’s BS.

  • William Kendy

    Please…I’m sure everything was checked out and vetted to make sure that the pres wouldn’t have any issues.

    Non -story and political op.

    • Charlie

      That was my point. It was a hoax. A set up. Of course they vetted the stupid fish. Everything the guy and his cronies do is BS.

  • Obama Hater

    It would have been funny if obama would have been eaten by a big black grizzly or a fat brown bear. now that would have been some tv worth watching! in fact if it was pay-per-view i would have laid down some serious cash to see him get his guts pulled out by some nice long bear claws. but if a rope would have accidentally slipped out of bear’s hands or have gotten cut on some rocks and obama went tumbling down a mountain side would have made for good comedy!

    • Mork

      Bears dont eat monkey.