Video: Raccoon Learns to Knock on Door with Pebble for Food


If you give a mouse a cookie, it’ll ask for a glass of milk. If you give a raccoon a bowl of cat food, apparently it learns how to knock.

This video was recorded by a homeowner after she discovered that a raccoon was knocking on her glass door. It figured out how to make the noise by rolling a small rock between its palms.

Generally speaking, feeding raccoons is not something you want to do. Not only does it train raccoons to lose their fear of humans, it can also spread disease and add to overpopulation problems. Raccoons may seem like cute and cuddly creatures, but remember that they are wild animals and should be kept wild.

In this case, the homeowner and the raccoon appear to be well-acquainted, with her even nicknaming the shrewd little critter “Rocksy.” For her sake, we hope the animal doesn’t transition from soliciting to burglary like raccoons are prone to do.

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