Video: The Snake with a Spider for a Tail


Meet the spider-tailed horned viper, one of the most unique and interesting snakes in the world. The horned viper is believed to have potent venom, but that is not what makes these deadly predators so fascinating. Rather, it is their spider-shaped tail, which the viper uses to draw in arachnid-eating prey. The horned viper is an expert at mimicking the motions of a spider, and its rock-colored camouflage renders it nearly invisible.

The snake is not considered much of a danger to humans. It is only known to exist in remote areas of Iran and is rarely encountered by people. In fact, the snake is seen so infrequently that scientists suspected the snake died out before it was sighted again in 2006.

Then again, if these snakes can fool sharp-eyed birds, hiding from humans should be a picnic.

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