Video: The Homemade, Pump-action, Slamfire Shotgun


Okay, this is dangerous.

YouTube’s Royal Nonesuch is famed for his homemade firearms, from .410 revolver carbines to PVC-pipe shotguns, but his latest invention is nothing short of jaw-dropping. Well, it would have been, if it worked.

This pump-action, slamfire shotgun is a marvel of backyard gunsmithing. It has features you’d never expect to see on a slamfire gun, such as a magazine well, shell extractor, and even a makeshift cradle to hold “chambered” rounds. With so many moving parts something was bound to go wrong. What makes most homemade firearms work is their simplicity. Weld on a few more parts, and you soon just have a low quality imitation of a better designed firearm. That said, this homemade gun is certainly full of creativity and at least on paper, seems like a good idea. We’d certainly like to see what else Royal Nonesuch comes up with in the future, or just see if he retains all his fingers.

As always, please do not try this at home. We’re not sure if this is even entirely legal.

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