Video: An In-depth Look at the World’s Only Pancor Jackhammer


How does a gun become an iconic design without even entering production? With a little help from the video games industry, the Pancor Jackhammer shotgun is arguably one of the most well-known guns that never even left the prototype stage.

Originally developed by Korean War veteran John Andersen in the 1980s, the Jackhammer was designed to be a select-fire combat shotgun to replace the pump-action one still used by the US military at the time. After playing around with several ideas, Andersen ultimately settled on the Jackhammer and sent two prototypes to the military officials for testing. The military eventually decided against adopting the design after a lengthy testing process, after which both of the prototypes Andersen provided was destroyed. That left only one prototype in existence: the original that he made out of cast metal.

Ian of Forgotten Weapons was able to get his hands on that specific firearm for a rare, in-depth look into the gun. He was not able to shoot it. Since the gun is valued at $135,000, we can certainly understand why.

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