The subtle sounds of nature are often lost on all but the most attentive listeners. That’s why students at the Estonian Academy of Arts created these massive wooden megaphones to amplify the sounds of the forest.


Photographer Tõnu Tunnel captured the photos of these surreal wooden megaphones in Estonia’s Pähni Nature Centre. Birgit Õigus, a student at the Estonian Academy of Arts, designed the pieces amplify the sounds of nature. They can also be used as a band shell of sorts for outdoor musical performances.


If you head over to the Estonian Academy of Art’s website they have more information about the instillation and the reasoning behind it. The also have several Dropbox links where you can view and download the images for yourself.


All images courtesy Tõnu Tunnel

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One thought on “These Giant Wooden Megaphones Amplify Sounds of the Forest

  1. I get the bandshell use, that’s cool. But to drop them in the middle of some forest is dumb as hell. If no one is there to hear it does it still make a sound? If your there why would you need them? If your deaf, don’t we have hearing aids? More esoteric hogwash. However the woodwork looks nice.

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