Puncturing a can of bear spray is not a recipe for good times. Puncturing a can of bear spray inside your car, while you are on a freeway, can very well be life-threatening.

Unlike pepper spray, which has a relatively small range, bear sprays can shoot up to 30 feet in range. The added distance is useful for deterring bears getting ready to charge, but can fill up your car very quickly. Bear spray is also significantly more powerful than most pepper sprays marketed for self-defense.

“This is what happens when someone scoots a seat back and accidentally punctures a can of bear spray in a car. Not a good way to start out the morning!” stated this video’s description.

It sure doesn’t look like it.

Image screenshot of video by LastMangoOnEarth on YouTube

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2 thoughts on “Video: What Happens When Bear Spray Goes Off in Your Car

  1. I’ve a grand-niece who accidentally sprayed herself with bear spray. She went to her mom crying.
    “What wrong, what happened?”
    “All I did was this…”
    And gave her mom a shot of spray too.
    They keep the spray a bit higher on a shelf now. (or maybe locked in a safe)

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