Video: Bear Wants to Join Hunter on Ladder Stand


As you can probably expect, this hunter is not too enthusiastic about sharing his stand with a bear. Marshall Keop of Minnesota recently posted this video of a bear approaching a ladder and trying to climb it. Whatever camo the hunter was wearing obviously did the job it was supposed to, because the bear appeared to have no clue that the structure was occupied.

It was probably just thinking about how considerate it was for someone to install a ladder for its use.

In situations like this, identifying yourself and speaking loudly but calmly at the bear will often get it to turn around. Most bears are more afraid of you than vice versa, and they want nothing to do with humans. Sure it may scare away a few deer, but it could also save you from having sweaty palms.

Find out what this hunter does below:

I should buy a bear tag

Posted by Marshall Koep on Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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