No, that’s not a bigfoot or a man in a bear suit, that’s a real bear walking on two feet.

The bear was spotted in Oak Ridge, New Jersey last Sunday by a man on his front porch. Before you start talking about evolution or any other far-fetched explanations, the New Jersey Division of Fish & Wildlife has an explanation for the bear’s bipedalism—the bear has injured its front paws and has been walking on its hind legs ever since.

Even with that relatively mundane explanation, watching a bear walk on two feet is bizarre.

Image is a screenshot of video by Inna Rabinovich on YouTube

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6 thoughts on “Video: Creepy Bipedal Bear Filmed Walking in New Jersey Neighborhood

  1. Oh, c’mon! Even when a bear does stand on its hind legs it is hunched over a bit, not standing as erect as is shown here, and seldom taking more than a couple of steps. A well-designed black bear suit, no doubt, but this is homo sapien, not ursus americanus. If you believe otherwise, I have some ocean-front property in Kansas that you’re just gonna love!

    1. he’s injured …. missing front paw and other broken, they are trying to catch him so they can see if anything can help his paws….not a joke, just a bear doing what he needed to make it… very sad

    2. That is a real bear. If you look closely enough, its face and snout are not fake. I mean c’mon, anybody can see it’s real. I’ve seen bears walk upright without any hunching. If y’all believe it’s a bear suit, then I can get you a free ride to the moon.

  2. if you read other story’s on him, its not cute…. he is injured one paw gone and one broke, they are trying to catch him to help him out….. poor thing I hope they help him…. 🙁

  3. Gotta say it’s real. Couple times it looked like his instinct starts to kick in, and he’s about to go on all fours to investigate something, then thinks better of it.

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