A Missouri police officer wanted to have a birthday lunch with his family, but instead a hostess at Olive Garden asked him to leave the restaurant because he was carrying a gun.

Kansas City police officer Michael Holsworth decided that he would meet his family at a local Olive Garden for a birthday lunch. Since he was on duty that day, he was dressed in his uniform and carrying his service pistol. As he and his family were seated in the waiting area while a table was prepared, a hostess approached him and told him that “we don’t allow guns in here.”At first Holsworth thought she was joking with him, but after telling the hostess that he and his family could leave if there was an issue she said “Yes, please do”.

Mr. Holsworth took to social media to express his frustration with the Olive Garden staff. You can see his post below.

Please share this….So I was going to eat lunch with my family today (10-11-2015), we had decided to go to the Olive…

Posted by Michael Holsworth on Sunday, October 11, 2015


After the post was shared over 10,000 times a representative from Olive Garden contacted Holsworth to apologize for the incident.

Image from Anthony92931 on Wikimedia Commons

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18 thoughts on “Police Officer Asked to Leave Olive Garden for Carrying Gun

  1. He should have refused to leave, for several reasons. If he had, whom would the restaurant employees have called…another cop. What a bunch of dumb asses.

    1. Very good point Austin. Plus he was on duty and in uniform and the firearm is supposed to be there. I for one would have loved him being there. I may not go to Olive Garden anymore if that is the way they feel.

  2. I can see it now, the next major mass shooting will be at an Olive Garden. No chance of any opposition. I for one have eaten my last meal at Olive Garden.

    1. My family and I will no longer eat at Olive Garden.Hopefully thousands of other people feel this way also.Boycott them from now on,Starbucks does not get my dollars any more also.Gun Free zones are targets for the crazy people

  3. So if they had a violent customer or were being robbed & had to call the police, do you think they would tell the responding officer(s) that they can’t come in with their guns… hmm

  4. Since OutdoorHub has not yet done a follow up on this story and for those too lazy to do their own research into the validity of this story before wantonly posting their vitriolic comments, I offer this:

    The turning away of the police officer was the decision of a single, uninformed employee and was not adherent to any Olive Garden company policy. Olive Garden almost immediately issued a public apology for this employee’s actions. Hate on the restaurant if you want, but do so not because of this, but because there’s really just better places to get quality Italian food.

    Oh, and maybe use a little common sense and about two-minutes of your time to research something instead of just believing everything you read on the internet. Or not. :-\

    Read more here: http://m.snopes.com/2015/10/12/olive-garden-ejects-cop-gun/
    and here: http://fox59.com/2015/10/12/olive-garden-apologizes-after-kansas-city-police-officer-asked-to-leave-because-of-gun/

    1. Luke,
      As a hostess on the clock at Olive Garden, she is their acting agent. If she was a single, uniformed employee who didn’t know the policy – then that’s on them also. She is the person they are paying to be their representative to people coming into the restaurant. So comments directed at the hostess and at Olive Garden are absolutely justified. And there is nothing you found in your 2.5 minutes of research that disputes anything in the article, or even adds to it.

  5. Hey Luke,

    Although I will agree that some of the comments are aimed at the chain, instead of the individual, where in the Snopes piece on this story does it invalidate the article?
    Unfortunately, as an employee, the hostess speaks for the establishment and should be dismissed if she has violated their policies. The establishment should have and did apologize, and if they fired her, that would be enough for me (knowing that an activist employee does not always reflect the company’s values), but it is just another incident in an atmosphere increasingly hostile toward American values that we have to deal with.

    Seems to me that the person originally lacking in common sense was the hostess….which was what the story was about.


  6. I just sent them an email with this story’s text included and telling them i will never darken their door again. Let’s see if they reply, but screw them either way.

  7. Olive Garden, Starbucks and every other Restaurant that I have visited lately, when I see a “firearms prohibition sign”,
    I walk away. (Former military and LEO)*** Any entity or person that promotes the infringement of our Constitution deserves No attention and Do Not deserves the bussiness of the Law abiding citizens of this country. SHAME ON THEM…!!!

  8. cops should put them on a black ball list and if they ever call for help they should take their sweet ass time responding or tell them they cant come since they carry guns. i dont know what is becoming of this country but i really dont like it and things need to change with the first being putting obama in prison for dozens of felonies and hillary needs to hang or be shot for treason. and thats a good start!

  9. So, lets just boycott ALL places that don’t allow firearms! let me know how that works out for ya! because eventually, you will just have to stay at home, as more and more places are choosing to not allow firearms. As for not allowing Police Officers in uniform, that is just Stupid! All Police officers are required to carry their weapon at all times.

  10. FYI, I contacted Olive Garden Corporate and had them look into it. I asked if this was their policy as I want to know the truth about a situation not what some third parties tell me. I had the sneaking suspicion that this person acted on their own free will through a hatred of the police that is running rampant through our Nation.

    Here is the response that I received today. Just wanted to get this out there. Too many people cast blame at the whole and not the individual in our Country. The blind, ignorant defamation of this restaurant chain is no different than the call for firearm restrictions after an active shooter situation. Be informed before you open your mouth to reply so that in the end your reply does not fuel the enemy’s coffers.

    Dear William Carl:

    Thank you for sharing your concern and feedback.

    We are very sorry for the experience the officer had in our restaurant. It was unacceptable and completely inconsistent with how we treat members of law enforcement. The President of Olive Garden has spoken with the officer to personally apologize.

    Police officers are always welcome at Olive Garden. They serve our community, and we love serving them. In fact, we have a tradition of taking meals to police, fire and other first responders on Labor Day as a way of saying thank you.

    Our policy is to abide by all local laws regarding firearms and conceal carry regulations. I can assure you, we continuously train all of our restaurant team members on our policies and procedures to maintain proper execution of these guidelines to ensure our guests have an exceptional dining experience with us. Following the isolated incident in Kansas City, we sent a communication to all of our restaurant teams to reinforce our policies and procedures.

    I want to thank you for your interest in Olive Garden, and for sharing your feedback with us. I hope you allow us another opportunity to earn your trust again and to serve you in our restaurants soon.

    Olive Garden Guest Relations

  11. How many times are we going to hear about idiot waitresses and managers who don’t respect the officers keeping them safe. Time to take your business elsewhere every time this happens.

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