Video: Bear Learns How to Shower


Bears usually don’t give much thought to personal hygiene. Although they love to take care of a good itch from time to time, you won’t often see bears rushing down to the river to get a bath in. That’s why this video of bear seemingly washing itself is so fascinating—it even made sure to clean behind the ears!

That’s not to say that bears are incapable of grooming themselves. These large, furry predators typically make do with a good rub against trees or boulders, and the occasional dip in a river. According to experts, polar bears are actually among the cleanest of bears simply because matted, dirty fur makes for a poor insulator. Since they are close to water, polar bears will often take 15-minute baths during which they try to remove food particles, dirt, and other messy materials from┬átheir fur. Brown and black bears do the same, but less frequently.

Some bears have even be spotted using rocks or other objects to exfoliate themselves. This bruin though, has found a much better way to get clean.

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Posted by Amazing to See on Tuesday, October 13, 2015

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