This guy could sell even an anti-gunner a gun safe, and he would do it with gusto. It’s rarer than it should be to see a salesman with passion for his work, knowledge about his industry, and integrity to boot, but Kurt seems to hit the trifecta. It’s a talent to be able to persuade people out of their hard-earned money, but when you get 1.6 million views on a 27-minute-long video on gun safes, you got a gift.

“One of the purposes of our business is to educate,” says Kurt. “Because we specialize, we like to educate and make sure every one of our customers understand what they’re buying.”

Another great thing that Kurt and his team does is that they deliver in unmarked vans. A lot of safe retailers like get their name out there by plastering it all over the delivery truck—which is all nice and fine for them, but you don’t exactly want to broadcast to the entire neighborhood that you’re having a safe installed.

Be warned, watching this video may make you want to buy a safe even if you aren’t remotely interested.

Image screenshot of video by Weapons Education on YouTube

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3 thoughts on “Video: Meet the World’s Most Passionate Gun Safe Salesman

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