Century Arms to Offer Factory SBR Variant of Popular C39V2 AK


Fans of American-made Kalashnikovs have a new carbine to look forward to in Century Arms’ C39V2 “factory” short-barreled rifle (SBR). The well-known firearms importer and manufacturer introduced the new variant of their popular milled AK rifle to writers and media personnel at Big 3 East last week.

The new shorty C39V2 will be available from Century in an NFA-compliant, SBRĀ format. Chambered in 7.62x39mm, it will feature a 12.4-inch-long barrel—the same barrel length as the Russian-designed AK-102, -104, and -105.

Century's new optic mount on the C39V2 SBR.
Century’s new optic mount on the C39V2 SBR.

Like all other C39V2s, the SBR has a milled receiver. Attached to the left side of the receiver will be a proprietary Century-designed scope rail. The rail will only work with a new two-piece optic mount that Century will release alongside the SBR. The lower portion of the mount secures to the rail using screws, while the top half’s position can be adjusted front-to-back similar to an RS Regulate mount. Century’s side rail is not compatible with other combloc-pattern optic mounts.

A traditional AK-style fire selector with a cutout for the charging handle is mounted on the right side of the receiver, allowing the operating to manually hold the bolt back to show a clear chamber.

The C39V2 SBR is expected to retail for around $1,100, not including $200 tax stamp.
The C39V2 SBR is expected to retail for around $1,100, not including $200 tax stamp.

Century expects the C39V2 SBR to retail for around $1,100, not including the $200 NFA “tax stamp.” They also plan on releasing a stamped-receiver version of the SBR, which should sell for slightly less than the milled gun.

The C39V2 SBR is fully American-made, and incorporates no surplus parts.

Though the gun on display at Big 3 East featured a Magpul Zhukov folding stock and a MOE AK handguard, a Century representative indicated that versions without Magpul furniture will be offered as well.

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