Moose hunting season in Sweden opened on October 12, but instead of dressing a recently harvested moose, one hunter found himself trying to keep his dog alive after a vicious wolf attack. The following video was sent in to Svensk Jakt, a popular Swedish hunting magazine, and it appears to show two wolves attacking a dog in a forest in the municipality of Sunne.

“My first thought was she was in contact with a moose and received a kick,” hunter Tommy Berglund said after his dog, Klara, went missing. “But when I went back, I saw that she was bloody between the legs and that she had a bite mark. Then I realized that it was the wolf. It was an uncomfortable feeling and Klara could not get up.”

Berglund carried his dog out of the woods and hastily drove to the nearest veterinarian, where Klara was treated for multiple bite wounds. After reviewing the video from the camera the dog was equipped with, Berglund realized that his dog had been in a fight for her life.

The first encounter started off peacefully enough when Klara ran into a wolf about her size while searching for moose. The two canines were curious about one another and Klara came closer to sniff the mysterious creature. It was when the second wolf showed up that everything started going wrong.

Berglund said that Klara continues to recover from her wounds, but is unsure whether she’ll ever be back in hunting shape again.

The video from the encounter is embedded below. It contains graphic content that some viewers may find upsetting.

Image screenshot of video by Svensk Jakt on YouTube

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19 thoughts on “Wolf Attack on Swedish Hunting Dog Caught on GoPro

  1. Good thing they were not hungry or they would have eaten her. She put up one hellava fight. Too bad her owner left his K9 partner to die. Shame on him.

  2. Super Tanker you’re an idiot. If you looked around to find out more you would’ve realized he didn’t leave the dog to die. The dog is meant to track the elk/moose he is hunting. The dog found one wolf and things were fine. He didn’t try to find it it was just there. Then another wolf comes along and then the attack begins. The dog had a tracking device on him. The owner lost the signal thinking an elk/moose had kicked the dog then he picked it back up, saw some blood, and saved the dog by going to a vet immediately. When he showed the wolves ran off. He even discusses he won’t hunt the same area and likely won’t have his dog hunt again.

  3. Read the article. He didn’t leave her to die he carried her out if the woods then drove her to a vet thinking she had been kicked by a moose (very common) I’m sure if he had been close with a rifle he would have shot the wolves. As to who would show this? Anyone who knows what the wilderness is really like and wants others to know. It Ain’t A DISNEY MOVIE

  4. A vet friend told me the hunting dog survived and is OK. One reason for posting this might have been for education. If you notice, the wolves were completely silent during the attack, which suggests predatory behavior. In other words, the attack was deadly serious and when wolves, or dogs for that matter, have serious intentions, they don’t bluster, they’re quiet so as to conserve energy for what’s important – survival.

  5. It’s an object lesson to the granola munching, latte-quaffing, left-wing tree-huggers whose only conception of nature was learned from a Disney movie. You might “love” wolves, but they don’t love you! Klara put up one helluva fight. Ordinarily in that kind of situation a domestic dog is “outnumbered” going one on one with a wolf. Two on one? Forget it. Thank God for the thick and slippery GoPro collar and Klara’s natural intelligence. Sticking close to those spruce trees with the dead limbs prevented the wolves from getting a clear shot at her for much of the attack. The collar(s) kept the wolves from crushing her vertebrae or tearing her throat out along with her thick coat. I’m glad the brave girl will recover and I hope there was a steak dinner or two in it for her after her owner viewed the footage.

  6. This is the real world, where 99% of the living beings on this earth fight a bloody battle for mere existence every day. Humans live in a bubble, shocked when the savage garden ventures into to their myopic sphere…..

  7. That is a tuff dog glad she made it I hope the owner went wolf hunting after this thank god he had a tracker on his hunting buddy

  8. I would never put my dogs in a dangerous situation in the first place. I’m against using dogs in the police force, military or in hunting situations were they could be seriously hurt.

  9. your 10 minutes behind your dog to leave him fend for himself your an no good rotten ass hole hope you get attacted when you go back hunting by bear wolfs or what ever fucking ass hole men like you should not be allowed to have dogs

  10. Terrible story. My heart goes out to the hunter and his best friend. I hope the dog makes a speedy recover. I also hope that someone deals with these wolves before they make a lunch out of human beings. Nice to have natural wilderness. But humans have a right to be there too.

    On other sites, this article has brought complaints. The animal rights people condemn the dog owner for hunting and taking his dog into the woods. Wildlife biologists and naturalists (many of whom promote the re-establishment of wolves in territories they’ve been gone from for over a century) will come to the defense of the wolves, saying, “They were just doing what is natural. Mankind is encroaching on their territory. The dog is a meal and nothing more.” I’ve heard these same kids of comments referring to shark, lion, hippo, crocodile, and coyote attacks that have maimed or killed human beings, including children.

    These sick individuals have no compassion for their own genus and species, or man’s best friend. They demand that “population control” (abortion and birth control) be forced on human beings, that humans be denied access to the wilderness, (or their own property), and that humans be confined to tightly, restricted enclaves. They think this is going to make the world a better place. They would be in good company with Hitler and other monsters. In the next life they’re going to have to explain to God their lack of compassion for their brothers and sisters.

    1. “They were just doing what is natural. Mankind is encroaching on their territory. The dog is a meal and nothing more.”

      On that part, they’re correct, but if it were my dog and I was there, gun or no gun, I’d snap their necks and crush their skulls. I might get bit, but between me and my dog, we’d whip their hungry asses. I’m 6’5″ and 280lbs, and I’ve fought with dogs all my life. They only have one real weapon, and that’s their teeth. If a person has quick reactions, they’re quicker than dogs. (cats are another story.) They have strong jaws, but not stronger than a strong man’s arms. If you’re wearing gloves, one-on-one, you as they go to bite, you can do a lot of things. Depending on the angle and all, I’d punch it head on, as it dove at me, then, as it falls, I’d grab the sides of it’s head/neck by the loose skin and/or snout and yank it sideways, snapping it’s neck. Another thing that can be done is severely gouge it’s eyes. Another thing is, as it lungs to bite you, force your hand into it’s open mouth, pushing it back into the mouth as far as you can, effecxtively gagging the dog. At the same time, close your hand, grasping the lower jaw, and rip the jaw down with that hand as you rip up on the snout …. breaking the jawbone off at the jaw joint. The dog ain’t doing any more biting at that point. The big problem is if there is a whole pack, not just one or two. Even with two, you’d really have to be watching your back, thoughj with my dog there fighting too, we may get chewed up some, but those wolves would be going down, with ot without a weapon in hand.

      Watching this video made me cry, I have to say. I love my dog like my kid almost, and I’d definitely risk my life (not give it, like I would my kid, but risk it) for my big furry baby. She’d do the same for me, I’m sure of that. It also made me real angry … at the wolves. Sure, it’s what they do, but that’s what I do, too, and I’d rip their heads of and pu8nt them deep into the woods. One square kick would blow their ribs out, and I dount they’d stick around, since they know they can run faster than a man.

      Actually, I’ve had a run-in with a big wild dog (not a wolf, but a large German Shepherd-mix wild dog) out in the woods. The mother of my current dog was running up ahead when she encountered this big dog. It took off after her, and she came running back toward me. The big dog didn’t see me until it got close, as it was coming around some trees. It came around right behind my dog as she reached me, and I gave it a hard kick in the side. It let out a yelp as it came off the ground about a foot and a half. It landed on it’s side with a thump, and quickly got up and tore out yelping as it went. It was kind of cartoon-ish, and I had to laugh out loud at some length, looking at both the big dog running off at high speed with its tail between its legs, and my dog looking sheepishly upm at me, the big coward, but a damn happy puppy at that. She was a smaller chocolate lab. The way she high-tailed it back to me was so funny, I still laugh when I think about it. I never saw the big dog again.

      The only dog that ever scared me was a huge horse of a gray-colored great dane. It acted REAL weird, didn’t fear man at all, and was stalking people. It was either possessed or had rabies, I think. It did not act like any dog/wolf/coyote I’ve ever seen … more like a diabolical person. Anyway, when I saw it coming up from the woods to our house, I went outside and yelled at it, but it just crept slowly toward me. I went back inside the door and got a big baseball bat (my home-run bat), and went back out, thinking it would back down, which it didn’t, so I went back inside to get a gun. When I went back out, it was gone. I looked around for it, but it had disappeared. I never saw it again, but it really gave me the creeps. Normal dogs and wolves I understand. That one’seyes looked like the devil, and he was truly as big as a shetland pony, skinnier, but as big.

  11. get your dog some Kevlar if you are going to take it hunting….with Kevlar the wolves would have been unable to injure klara and she would have hurt them handily.

  12. Mind jarring film…Hard for those watching to realize that almost all the time of the fight, both wolves were on this dog, He has a lot of heart to fight 2 wolves at that level for that long.

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