Wolf Attack on Swedish Hunting Dog Caught on GoPro


Moose hunting season in Sweden opened on October 12, but instead of dressing a recently harvested moose, one hunter found himself trying to keep his dog alive after a vicious wolf attack. The following video was sent in to Svensk Jakt, a popular Swedish hunting magazine, and it appears to show two wolves attacking a dog in a forest in the municipality of Sunne.

“My first thought was she was in contact with a moose and received a kick,” hunter Tommy Berglund said after his dog, Klara, went missing. “But when I went back, I saw that she was bloody between the legs and that she had a bite mark. Then I realized that it was the wolf. It was an uncomfortable feeling and Klara could not get up.”

Berglund carried his dog out of the woods and hastily drove to the nearest veterinarian, where Klara was treated for multiple bite wounds. After reviewing the video from the camera the dog was equipped with, Berglund realized that his dog had been in a fight for her life.

The first encounter started off peacefully enough when Klara ran into a wolf about her size while searching for moose. The two canines were curious about one another and Klara came closer to sniff the mysterious creature. It was when the second wolf showed up that everything started going wrong.

Berglund said that Klara continues to recover from her wounds, but is unsure whether she’ll ever be back in hunting shape again.

The video from the encounter is embedded below. It contains graphic content that some viewers may find upsetting.

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