Video: Bear Tries to Outsmart an Electric Fence


Nobody likes a nasty electric shock, but this bear is willing to take the risk if that means it can get at some tasty blueberries. Frustrated by the fence a blueberry farmer put up to discourage bears from his blueberry plot, this enterprising bruin figures that if you can’t go through it, why not go under it?

While they may not display it often, bears are highly intelligent animals that are capable of learning and adapting to new challenges. In one particular experiment, scientists discovered that a bear can even learn to disable an electric generator if that means an easy meal. In the study researchers left out an electrified deer carcass as bait, and after several painful shocks, the bear understood that it had to knock the generator out of commission before it can make off with the venison.

Will this bear have similar success, or find itself pinned by an electric barrier? Watch the video below to find out.

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