A Michigan man who was attempting to sketch a fish was assaulted when his girlfriend used the taxidermied animal to beat him.

According to police reports the 61 year-old was drawing a sketch of the taxidermied sailfish when his girlfriend became agitated and moved the fish. At some point the mounted sailfish fell over and broke into pieces. The woman returned to find the broken fish and she blamed her boyfriend for the damage. She then allegedly beat the man over the head and poked at him with the fish.

The man sustained injuries to his hand, but he was not seriously harmed by the taxidermy assault. The woman was not immediately arrested due to health issues, but according to police alcohol played a factor in the assault.

Sailfish bills are notoriously sharp and are used to slash through schooling prey, stunning fish that the predator can easily eat up later. Like other billfish, these sharp beaks are also dangerous to anglers as well.


Image from Wooly Matt on Flikr

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