Could this be the largest coyote ever killed on film? That what the staff of Primal Rights Predator Management believes, and they might be right.

The coyote in this video looks huge, but is it really record sized? The largest coyote ever on record killed near Afton, Wyoming on November 19, 1937 and it measured a staggering 5 ft 3 in from nose to tail, and weighed 75 lb. The coyote in this video does not appear to be close to that record size, but it’s still very large.

Image screenshot of video by primalrights on YouTube

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4 thoughts on “Video: Is This the Largest Coyote Ever Killed on Film?

  1. Nice one. The local area Deer and/or Antelope fawns can breathe easier… looks like this guy certainly had his fill of them.

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