A hunter who was tired of being cold cold in his tree stand created this innovative blind.

The tree stand pictured below has two major benefits over traditional tree stands. First off, the large platform provides enough space for a propane heater, and the covering helps keep the heat from escaping. Secondly, the camouflaged tarp provides an extra layer of concealment for the hunter inside. These two things would be greatly appreciated by any cold weather hunter.

However, it does appear to have some flaws. This custom stand is much bigger and presumably much heavier than traditional tree stands. That would make transport and setup much more difficult, but it’s less of an issue on private land. If weight and size are not an issue for you then you might want to look closely at these pictures so you can make your own.

Image from badreplicant on Imgur

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2 thoughts on “Photos: Hunter Makes Innovative Custom Treestand

  1. One other advantage; if it’s only four feet off the ground, you probably won’t get hurt too badly if you fall asleep and roll out .

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