A women’s hunting club in central Russia’s Sverdlovsk region are challenging social norms by forming what is believed to be the first all-women hunting club in the country. Members of the club, which has grown to include about 100 women, recently celebrated their one-year anniversary with a photoshoot earlier this November. For unknown reasons, the hunters have named their club “Lady Ga-Ga-Ga,” presumably after the singer with a similar name.

“We’ve heard that there are similar women’s clubs in Europe and women there are hunting and no one finds it weird. So we’ve also decided to try it out and got a very positive response from women,” the founder of the club, Natalia Ivania, told Reuters.

Ivania, a dog breeder, started hunting when she realized it was an activity both she and her dogs could do together. Before long, she had recruited a number of other women to join her. For many of them, it was the first time they hunted.

“When I got more involved with this process, I’ve realised that hunting is not just about wandering around the forest, that it’s actually a serious science. So I started studying special literature on this profession,” Anastasia Karamysheva, one of the first hunters to join the club, told International Business Times.

Like in many countries, hunting in Russia is still dominated by men. Popular game animals include bears, wolves, wild boar, and moose. So far the Lady Ga-Ga-Ga hunters have only pursued birds, but members say they are looking forward to harvesting bigger game. You can watch an interview with some of the hunters below:

Image screenshot of video on intimes.co.uk

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