Students at Florida’s Brandon High School had a rude surprise waiting for them Monday morning after a dead deer was found hanging from a flagpole.

The scene was discovered by students as they made their way to class Monday morning. They were welcomed by a dead four-point buck hanging by its hind legs from the school’s flag pole. Authorities believe the deer was placed there as a prank, but they are still not unsure why someone would do something like that.

Aside from being quite shocking, the perpetrators may have committed several crimes while performing their “prank.”

First, the deer does not appear to have a game tag on it yet there was a bullet hole in the carcass. This means that the deer was potentially poached. Officials are also reviewing security footage to identify the individuals responsible because they were also illegally trespassing on school property.

The students also bloodied the flagpole typically used to fly the American flag. 

Hunters will also realize how wasteful this disgusting prank was. Any hunter would have been grateful to fill their freezer with the meat from this buck, but instead it was wasted to shock students.

Image from TBOcom on Twitter

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